Export Documentation

Documentation Expertise

OHL is a leader in Freight Forwarding expertise. We pay extra attention to detail to ensure that your products are shipped without a hitch. OHL participates in customs automated programs and we extend this technological expertise to you. OHL will take over filing your Electronic Export Information (EEI) directly into the Automated Export System (AES). OHL understands the regulations, the deadlines, and has the software to supports filing via AES. With the help of OHL and the AES you will be able to electronically declare your international exports as well as monitor all of your shipping expenses.

The Right Licensing

Your shipment can’t move without the right documents. Get the government documentation needed to license your products. With the help of OHL, and the expertise needed to comply with such documentation, your products will be able to be exported in specific quantities to a specific destination. OHL will also provide you with any other licensing binds that you might be in.
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