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The Apparel & Footwear industry is often characterized by constant shifts in consumer demand and short lifecycles.  A missed shipment, shipments stuck in Customs or delays in replenishing stock with key retailers can cost sales and diminish your brand. 

OHL serves many customers in the fashion, textiles, footwear and accessories segment. We understand the demanding requirements of retailers and the complexity of sourcing materials and products from all over the globe.  Our trade consultants can help you make sourcing decisions armed with landed costs and an understanding of the regulatory environment.  Our International offices provide freight management, deconsolidation and custom clearance including the preparation of entries and documents. OHL can ensure compliance with Customs and expedite the clearance of your goods.

From labeling, to gift wrapping, to custom cards for your eCommerce channel or any other store ready requirements, OHL’s supply chain Logistics services provide the flexibility needed to manage your eCommerce and store replenishment strategies.    

With over 130 distribution facilities in North America combined with OHL’s transportation management services, we can design a network of facilities to keep product close to your customers and keep transportation costs low. OHL’s flexibility and multi-customer approach allows us to expand space to your needs during promotions, product launches and seasonal spikes in demand.

OHL’s services include:

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