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With 100’s, if not 1,000’s, of vendors across the globe, long lead times, forecasting trends and demand and ever growing channels for communicating and serving your customers, retailers face some of the toughest supply chain challenges of any industry.  The proliferation of SKUs to meet consumer tastes and the spikes associated with seasonality and promotions, Retailers require flexibility and responsiveness in their supply chains.

Retailer Diversity

OHL serves customers in the retail industry from large store based companies to flash sales to pure play e-retailers.  We understand the demanding requirements of sourcing materials and products from all over the globe and managing trade partners.  Our Trade Services consultants know the ins and outs of customs requirements helping to expedite the clearance of your goods and products. 

Omni-channel Support

With the growth and execution of multi-channel strategies, OHL helps retailer optimize inventory across these channels through a network of distribution facilities supporting store replenishment and direct to consumer fulfillment.

Seasonal Distribution and Support

OHL’s flexibility and multi-customer approach allows us to expand space to your needs during promotions, product launches and seasonal spikes in demand. Our project logistics can support unique holiday distribution needs. 

Our services include:

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