International Transportation

  • Overview

    Quick, Quicker, Quickest

    Need to transport your product cross country or cross ocean? Using less-than-container (LCL), full-container-load (FCL), and multimodal services, OHL can provide an economical ocean freight solution. If your priority is speed over cost, our air freight solution has access to passenger, freighter, and charter operations to ship the fastest and most direct connection from origin to destination. OHL's team of experts can provide a solution that gives you the flexibility to choose your level of service, from air freight, to ocean freight, or a combination of both, we can help you ship volumes both large and small. With our extensive and adaptable network of air and ocean freight forwarders, OHL can ensure capacity and arrival on time, without error.

    Integration at its finest.

    OHL's International Transportation services are seamlessly integrated with our Customs Brokerage services, delivering a fast and efficient supply chain from origin to destination. Not only does this save from the hassle of communicating with two or more providers, OHL can provide cost saving opportunities, expedited movement through customs, and enhanced visibility end-to-end, all while maintaining the utmost degree of compliance. 

    Technology to seal the deal.

    While many freight forwarding service providers may have the technology to provide visibility, OHL's proprietary customer visibility portal, OVATION, provides a single sign-on to access your data with enhanced visibility. Whether you want to generate automated reports, track your shipments, or view your on-time arrival percentage, OVATION enables you to do that. Click here to learn more about OVATION.


  • Air Freight 

    A Seamless, Efficient Network Delivers Piece of Mind

    Airfreight offers the fastest, most direct connection between your shipment origin and destination, and OHL’s team of experts will ensure professional management the entire shipping process. OHL has built a comprehensive international Airfreight network that makes sure your products will arrive on time and without error. With access to passenger, freighter, and charter operators our Airfreight network adapts to suit your requirements.

    Door-to-door service worldwide

    Key trade lane focus:

    • Trans Pacific between the US and Asia
    • Trans Atlantic between the US and Europe
    • Trans Continental between North and South America
    • Trans Continental between the Asia and Europe
    • Intra-Asia

    OHL’s Airfreight services are connected to e-Focus®, our supply chain management technology, so that you can track your shipment from any internet connection.

    Relationships and Expertise

    OHL has more than 40 years of experience in the  publishing, apparel, retail, fast moving consumer goods, footwear, perishables, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and natural resources such as oil and gas exploration and raw materials such as steel and forestry products. Your access to capacity, even for special products such as live animals, museum pieces, and outsize shipments, is secured through our long-standing relationships with our carrier partners.

    Satisfaction Comes Standard

    We understand the complexity of your business and the products you ship. Transport your products via Air Freight with OHL and our expertise and teams of professionals will ensure you and your customer will be satisfied by a job well done.

  • Ocean Freight 

    Ocean Freight Expertise and Visibility

    Ocean Freight transportation offers an economical means for shipping both large and small volumes using less-than-container, full-container-load, and multimodal services. We’ve partnered with reliable, established carriers to develop an unsurpassed global network – with the flexibility to adapt to your requirements. We have scalable capacity throughout the year, even during peak seasons, so that you can rely on our delivery commitments.

    OHL’s Ocean Freight services are linked to e-Focus®, our supply chain management system, so you can track your shipments from any internet connection.

    OHL has more than 40 years of experience in the publishing, apparel and footwear, retail, fast moving consumer goods, perishables, pharmaceuticals, automotive, oil and gas and raw materials such as steel and forestry products. Your access to capacity, even for special products such as museum pieces and oversize shipments, is secured through our long-standing relationships with our carrier partners.

    Multimodal Solutions. Even at Sea.

    Whether it’s full container or less than container loads – OHL takes care of all your Sea Freight needs. OHL has multimodal solutions to fit any supply chain, including special services for larger or odd items.
    From ship to train to truck, your consignments can benefit from our efficient multimodal service. Have your containers stuffed at origin and arrive at their destination intact. By contracting your entire transportation chain to OHL we can alleviate time-intensive handovers to other transportation providers.

  • Port Services

    With port disruptions, changes in fuel price, and high volume on trade lanes, the freight forwarding industry is highly unpredictable. To offset the uncontrollable challenges that freight forwarders face, a managed port services solution is vital in order to maintain a quick and efficient supply chain once your goods hit the port.

    CAUTION: flexibility and control ahead

    Whether you struggle with sudden changes in demand, forecasting, or managing delays, it is a challenging feat to ensure that your product arrives at its end destination on time. Add to that the uncontrollable industry challenges, and it is easy to understand how important port services are to a supply chain. OHL's drayage port services can help you gain control over your inbound shipments with port-to-door container delivery and enhanced visibility technology that allows you to proactively monitor international dray shipments. Imagine handling all of your drayage from the ports and airports through one provider, driving efficient handling of containers and resulting in lowered detention, demurrage, and delay. Our transload and DC bypass solutions provide consolidation to DCs in a single container, direct-to-store delivery, even temporary store in an FTZ facility. Not only will we increase the control of your goods, but these port services provide extreme flexibility by allowing you to make changes quickly and maintain high velocity in your supply chain. OHL's transload facilities can also perform various value-added services such as labeling, sorting, kitting, and quality control.

    If you're happy and you know it...keep your current provider.

    Are you excited with all of the demurrage charges and delays in shipments that you are able to avoid? Do you currently have the ability to make inventory allocation changes while goods are in transit to the port or airport? What about having visibility into your inventory to intercept problems before they occur? OHL's port services provide a solution to many of these common weaknesses in a supply chain. With fully optimized transload facilities, full EDI capability, and a complete network of outbound service providers for parcel, FTL, and LTL, you can capture more savings opportunities that you didn't even know were possible. Couple our port services with other OHL solutions such as FTZ, warehousing, or customs brokerage, and you can truly optimize your supply chain.

  • Special Services

    There's nothing we can't handle. Since 1976, OHL, formerly Barthco, has been a leading provider of special services handling, logistics, and cargo movements. On staff, we have specialists for dealing with U.S. Customs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Office of Foreign Assets Control, U.S. Food and Drug, U.S. Agricultural Department, most other governmental agencies, as well as, off duty police officers.

    Lions and tigers and bears, we ship!

    While those might not be the most common shipments our special services team handles, we do have expertise in transporting live animals along with fine art and high value shipments such as jewels, gold, and high priced diamonds. OHL's special services provide specialized worldwide handling of import, export, and transportation of your goods along with airport field supervision, courier assistance with follow-car service, and enhanced clearance services with Customs and Border Protection and the Fish and Wildlife Department. Whether you need "nail to nail" transportation for fine art or comfortable transportation for your giraffe, our special services team can coordinate and execute your special shipping needs.

    Identified as the best of the best

    For over 35 years, OHL has been labeled on of the best providers of special services. Need a live animal agent in the U.K. or maybe even Israel? With a worldwide network of international offices and network agents, we can provide special services virtually anywhere.