FDA Increasing Surveillance of Certain Imports from the Port of Tianjin

In an effort to ensure certain FDA regulated products were not contaminated from the explosion last month in Tianjin, the FDA intends to increase the inspection of items imported from the industrial center Binhai New Area in Tianjin, China.

Human and animal food products, human and animal drug products, and medical devices that left the Tianjin area on or after August 12, 2015 will require additional information in order to make an admissibility decision.

OHL Weekly Alert - September 10, 2015

Embargo Lifted on Dangerous Goods in Port of Tianjin

Dangerous goods are now being allowed back into the Port of Tianjin under greater scrutiny. Customers bringing hazardous goods into the port must submit the requested documents to the carrier who will then check and approve the files.

All other terminal and customs brokerage operations are back to normal.


OHL Weekly Alert - August 27, 2015

Update on Partner Government Agency (PGA) Pilots

The first phase of the Partner Government Agency (PGA) Pilots in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) was initiated last week. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are two of the fourteen agencies participating in the pilots.

The second phase of the PGA Pilots is scheduled to begin on September 2, 2015.

OHL Weekly Alert - August 20, 2015

Operations Returning to Normal at Port of Tianjin

One week after an explosion at the Port of Tianjin shook the city, port operations are slowly returning to normal. Departures that were delayed due to the blast are being rescheduled as terminals begin to resume work gradually.

Due to the nature of the chemical explosion, dangerous goods remain under embargo at the port.

Please check with your local station for any questions.