LAX Strike Update - Vessel Diversions

As OHL continues to keep you informed about trade service developments related to the West Coast OCU strike, below are the most recent updates we have recieved regarding vessel diversions from the the latest report by US Customs and Border Protection  (CBP). The ships listed below have been diverted from Los Angeles/Long Beach with notes for each vessel.

LAx Strike Update - Both Sides Agreed to Federal Mediation

Today the LA Times reported that both sides in the strike have agreed to federal mediation.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said the agreement was an encouraging sign and could help bring an end to the strike, now in its eighth day. He said the parties negotiated throughout the night and there had been some recent movement.

LAX Strike Is Over

News reports published early this morning revealed that with assistance from federal mediators, the leaders of the 800-member International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 63 Office Clerical Unit agreed to a deal after negotiations that ended late Tuesday night. The deal will not become final until it is ratified by the full union membership.

Shipping and Terminal Updates Since Strike Has Been Settled

Below are some of the recent updates we have received regarding terminals, carrier vessels and rail operations.

Terminal Status
The terminals that employ OCU labor at Port of LA/LB remain closed. Trapac, SSA Pier C, SSA Pier A, and PCT Pier J are open.

Post-Port Strike Updates

OHL is relieved that the US Port strike has ended and below are some of the importantpost-port strike updates we have recieved from others in the Trade Service industry regarding terminal service, shipping and rail operations.

Pier Pass Terminal Updates
All Los Angeles/ Long Beach terminals reopened this morning. Please check the following terminal websites for updates regarding receiving/delivering and empty returns.

CBP Issues Final Rule for $2,500 Informal Entry Limit

CBP Issues Final Rule for $2,500 Informal Entry Limit
Due to inflation, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a Final Rule to increase the Informal Entry Limit from $2,000 to its maximum statutory limit of $2,500. The Formal Entry requirements for certain textile and other articles valued over $250, are no longer required as there are no longer absolute quotas and/or visa requirements for such goods. 

Post-Port Strike Updates

OHL International has been working diligently to provide solutions to our customers affected by the recent port strike. Operations in the ports of San Francisco/Oakland, Seattle/Tacoma, and Long Beach/Los Angeles are underway to provide additional aid.
OHL currently acting on the following:

International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) Authorizes Strike

Here at OHL, we have been following the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) Strike to provide you and our customers with solutions and updates. 

Today, President Harold Daggett of ILA won authorization from delegates to call a strike if a bargaining impasse isn’t reached before the union’s contract expires on December 29th. 

It’s been said that the roll call vote in favor of the strike authorization was unanimous. The vote by the ILA’s 200-member wage scale committee moves East and Gulf coast ports closer to coast-wide strike.

ILA and East and Gulf Coast Employers (USMX) Still Negotiating

Most recently the negotiations between the ILA and  East and Gulf Coast Employers (USMX), under the auspices of the Mediation & Conciliation Service resumed today here in Washington DC. They are scheduled to run through Wednesday of this week. At this point there is no agreement to further extend the discussions beyond December 29, although that is always a possibility.

ILA and USMX Continue Negotiations

Representatives of the ILA and United States Maritime Alliance (USMX) met in small committees yesterday to discuss and refine the two sides’ proposals in federally mediated talks, in an effort to avoid a threatened strike when the union’s contract expires Dec. 29. At this time, the negotiators are not discussing the details of that meeting.