Keep Up to Date with Food Safety Modernization Act Updates

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CBP Seizes Shipment of Lead Contaminated Toys

As the holidays arrive and retail sales soar, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has also elevated their enforcement efforts, targeting articles that may contain lead or other hazardous inputs. As your trust global supply chain partner, we found it necessary to alert you of efforts made to prevent potentially unsafe products being imported to the U.S.

Highlights from CBP Trade Symposium Day 1

OHL was in attendance to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s 2012 East Coast Trade Symposium that started yesterday at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. The event was to be originally held in October but was rescheduled due to Hurricane Sandy. Opening speaker, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, touched on the ability that trade provides to the improvement of the economy while enforcing trade laws that help protect the American people.

OCU workers at APM Terminal in Long Beach on Strike

Most recently, OCU workers at APM Terminal in Long Beach have been on strike since Tuesday, November 27. The union arbitrator has deemed the strike non-bonafide and ordered OCU employees back to work. The order is being ignored and union workers in all terminals have gone on strike. Additonally the ILWU will not cross any picket line causing all ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles to shut down.

LAX Strike and Closure Update - Only Trapac, Pier A and PCT Are Operating Right Now

OCU pickets went up during lunch time, so no ILWU labor returned to work after lunch.  The terminals listed below are still closed and we expect them to remain closed through the second shift/night shift tonight.  

LAX Strike and Closure Update - Still Only Trapac, Pier A and PCT Are Operating Right Now

As of this morning, November 29, picket lines remain. The City of Los Angeles Mayor and Council offices have contacted both the union and the employer and urged them to get back to the bargaining table as soon as possible.

The terminals listed below are still closed and at this time, we still do not know the duration of the strike.

LAX Strike and Carrier Vessel Updates

Negotiations between International Longshore and Warehouse Union office clerical workers and employers resumed late Thursday, but the strike that has shut down cargo-handling operations at 10 of the 14 container terminals in Los Angeles-Long Beach continues on.

Carriers are advising us of vessel updates and we are awaiting updates from other providers.  We will distribute them upon reciept.

The following is an update from Hanjin Shipping as of 11/30th 14:00 (EST) in regards to vessels currently affected by the work stoppage.

More Vessel Carrier Updates Related to the LAX Strike

As we continue to keep you informed about trade service developments related to the West Coast OCU strike, below are the most recent vessel carrier updates we have recieved.

LAX Strike Update

No resolution has been reached to the OCU strike in the Los Angeles / Long Beach port complex. There is no news regarding Sunday’s negotiations at this time, so there is no clear indication whether or not the unions will return to work today (Monday). OHL Ocean Product expects to receive the carriers' contingency plans within the next 2 days.

Once  the strike is settled, it is expected that the backlog will last well after the ports reopen for business. And though we are working to minimize the effects, we ask that our customers please plan accordingly.