Transportation Management

  • Overview

    Need someone to manage your shipments while providing increased visibility into your supply chain? Whether you need domestic inbound logistics, outbound logistics, or a small parcel solution, OHL can provide service across all modes of transportation while optimizing your network and reducing costs. We are committed to providing thought leadership and year over year improvements through continued analysis of carriers, lanes, modes, and your transportation as a whole.

    Take the guessing game out of Transportation.

    OHL’s experienced Carrier Management team will procure, negotiate, and mitigate rates for your business so that you no longer have to play the “name your price” game with carriers. With relationships with 400+ carriers and dedicated fleet partnerships, OHL is a carrier neutral provider that will continually have your best interest in mind.

    But it doesn't stop there. Our Carrier Development team stays ahead of the game by monitoring industry trends, qualifying carriers, and creating scorecards to hold our carriers accountable. Gone are the days that you spend trying to navigate the Transportation industry; OHL will do that for you.

    Comprehensive scalable solutions that deliver positive results.

    As a leader in Transportation Management in North America, OHL takes the time to learn about your business challenges and develop recommendations for programs and solutions to address your logistics needs.  Our solutions are designed to scale along with your business needs and often require minimal capital investment all while providing immediate and long-term benefits.

    Our transportation services and solutions include:

    • Network studies
    • State-of-the-art web-based TMS technology
    • Carrier procurement
    • Shipment planning
    • Freight optimization and order consolidation
    • Freight Audit  and carrier payment
    • KPI Reporting
    • Cargo Claims Administration


  • Inbound Logistics

    At OHL, we understand that inbound logistics is more than a daily delivery to a warehouse or manufacturing plant. It is labor planning, visibility, vendor compliance, and resources.

    Highly visible and highly compliant.

    Our inbound transportation solution offers significant cost reduction and service improvements through the power of visibility. By gaining greater visibility into inbound shipments, you are able to manage inventory more effectively, reduce the incidence of inbound premium freight, eliminate production delays, and improve your ability to service your customers. Our Transportation Management team can manage your shipments so they arrive when and how you need them. On top of that, OHL can improve the laborious process of maintaining manual routing guides for your vendors by leveraging technology and assisting with onboardng your vendors into a formal program, all to enforce compliance from your vendors.   

    Eliminate the headache around Dray Management.

    Our drayage program drives efficient handling of inbound containers resulting in lowered detention, demurrage, and delay. Our technology gives our customers visibility, and proactive monitoring of international dray shipments.

    Gaining control over inbound shipments can allow you to capture savings opportunities you didn’t even know were possible and doesn’t have to come with a significant capital investment. With OHL, you gain compliance toward low cost routing, more effective freight planning and freight consolidation, visibility to shipment events, and issues and greater efficiency.

    OHL’s inbound transportation solution focuses on the following areas:

    • Upfront analysis and planning to uncover areas of opportunity
    • Information visibility  through web-based TMS technology
    • Improved compliance and reporting  programs to monitor supplier shipments
    • Consolidation strategies to drive cost savings benefits and operational efficiency
  • Outbound Logistics

    At OHL, our outbound logistics gives our customers an effective solution based on their needs.

    Tailored solutions to benefit your customers

    We leverage our relationship with over 400 trusted carriers to make sure that deliveries to your customers are on time. Our Transportation Management team will find the most efficient and effective solution for the final leg of your supply chain. Whether it is several daily truckloads to big box retailer, or a few pallets to a small grocer, we can create the best solution for your company.

    Eliminate the hassle of working with carriers.

    OHL’s Transportation Management team can handle all aspects of our outbound logistics needs. From the initial purchase order to carrier payment, our planners, coordinators, and Freight Audit and Payment teams work to consolidate orders, schedule appointments, manage claims, and more. We provide you the service and visibility, you provide the product

    Our outbound services include:

    • Outbound carrier procurement
    • Shipment planning
    • Freight optimization and order consolidation
    • Freight Audit
    • Freight Bill Pay
    • Cargo Claims Administration
    • KPI Reporting
    • Integration with Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology
  • Small Parcel

    eCommerce has experienced dynamic growth over the past decade and has become a primary focus of the retail industry.  This growth has also fueled a dramatic increase in small parcel shipping and magnified the need for an effective shipping strategy. Consumers and competitors are setting some high expectations in both the price of shipping as well as expected delivery times.  Statistics show that roughly 50% of eCommerce transactions include free shipping.  Undoubtedly this trend will continue – are you able keep up without dramatically impacting margins?  Most retailers aren’t aware of all the options available to help you compete.

    At OHL, we’re changing the game of small package shipping. 

    Our solution looks far beyond the most commonly used, and largest parcel carriers.  Using our technology, we leverage the strengths of dozens of carriers from regional carriers to postal consolidators and match that to your shipping requirements to execute an optimized small package solution in service and/or cost.

    In addition, our OHLAudit system will methodically review your transportation charges for opportunities to recover service refunds, bogus address correction fees, incorrect residential surcharges as well as many others. By using the OHL Small Parcel Solution, we were able to save one of our eCommerce customers $500,000 in annual shipping charges.


    • Optimized Rating and Routing
    • Custom Label Creation
    • Manifesting
    • General Ledger Coding
    • Parcel Audit
    • Fee Recovery
    • Payment
    • Loss and Damage Claims Management
    • Parcel Analytics and Information Management
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Returns Management
    • Network Analysis