Inbound Logistics

OHL TruckAt OHL, we understand that inbound logistics is more than a daily delivery to a warehouse or manufacturing plant. It is labor planning, visibility, and resources.

OHL will meet your inbound logistics needs.

Our inbound transportation solution gives you the visibility into your shipments. Our Transportation Management team can manage your shipments so they arrive when and how you need them.

Overall, our inbound logistics solution offers you significant cost reduction and service improvement benefits.  By gaining greater visibility into inbound shipments you are able to more effectively manage inventory, reduce the incidence of inbound premium freight, eliminate production delays, and improve your ability to service your customers.   

 OHL’s inbound transportation solution focuses on the following areas:

•    Upfront analysis and planning to uncover areas of opportunity
•    Information visibility  through web-based TMS technology
•    Improved compliance and reporting  programs to monitor supplier shipments
•    Consolidation strategies to drive cost savings benefits and operational efficiency

OHL eliminates the headaches around Dray Management.

Our drayage program drives efficient handling of inbound containers resulting in lowered detention, demurrage, and delay. Our technology gives our customers visibility, and proactive monitoring of international dray shipments.

Gaining control over inbound shipments can allow you to capture savings opportunities you didn’t even know were possible and doesn’t have to come with a significant capital investment and. With OHL, you gain compliance toward low cost routing, more effective freight planning and freight consolidation, visibility to shipment events and issues and greater efficiency.                         

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