Network Design and Re-engineering

OHL‘s Transportation Management goes the extra mile, every time.

At OHL, our Transportation Management team is committed to making sure your business is performing at an optimum level. Our experienced logistics engineers, tools, and processes will ensure your distribution network operates optimally.

OHL drives efficiency.

OHL’s highly experienced engineers and solutions experts will determine how to make your supply chain more efficient.

Transportation Management Continuous Improvement

We begin with collecting data on your current operations, and needs. Then our team of highly skilled engineers and solution experts review cost trends to identify areas of improvement. We look at places for potential pool points, continuous movements, consolidation opportunities, and other ways your current transportation model might be costing you. By utilizing OHL’s experience, carrier network, and technology, we find a more efficient way to move your product.

We help you improve, continuously.

OHL’s Transportation Management team will use analytics and reporting to set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on your business. Our continuous improvement team will analyze reports and metrics to determine if there are any areas of improvement. On average, our customers experience 3% to 15% cost reduction through our ongoing continuous improvement program.

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