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Engineering logistics solutions is part art, part science. Our skilled team of engineers and analysts constantly challenge existing solutions to uncover ways to make processes more efficient. By implementing efficiencies and making ongoing network improvements we save time, money and effort.

Our engineering implementation processes analyze your unique business challenges as well as the technology needed to create the best solution. We turn fixed costs into variable costs as our implementation teams analyze your warehouse needs. Campus locations around the country are available and adapt to your business based on the natural cycles your industry experiences.

Technology-Enabled Best Practices

Best of breed Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) track product and pieces throughout the warehouse process and top Labor Management Systems (LMS) develop functions to continuously measure the productivity of your businesses operations.

Continuous Improvement

Leaders at all of OHL’s 130 global locations share best practices, creating a network of knowledge that helps build best-in-class processes and procedures across all OHL operations. Continuous improvement practices all in one place to constantly measure success. Our teams analyze and manage ways to make your product cycle more efficient and improve labor management.

Lean Management - Providing Efficiencies and Savings

All OHL teams are trained in, and practice, best-in-class lean management practices. Our experts determine what engineered solution will provide the best balance of coast and service for your unique business challenge. Our champions at each OHL location, armed with the knowledge of our continuous improvement teams, will create the most effective and cost efficient engineered solution for your business.

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