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OHL Logistics Hub in Dallas, TXGlobal Scalability

With over 130 locations globally, OHL can provide a scalable and flexible supply chain for your unique business. Our expansive network and resources provide benefits, from shift distribution operations meeting changing market demands, to the ability to scale space needs for seasonal distribution models or cyclical distribution models.

Global Logistics Service On One Campus

Your shipment may start in Shanghai, stop in Sao Paulo and end up in Los Angeles before it reaches its final destination at your customer’s front door. The skilled logistics professionals of OHL can handle this entire supply chain – from one building. Our Logistics Hubs are the backbone of seamless international and domestic logistics. With groups that specialize in each mode in the same building, your shipment is tracked by an OHL team member – every step of the way.

Reducing Fixed Costs

For 60 years, OHL has helped companies reduce their fixed costs through the flexibility of our third party logistics service. Our group of experienced logistics engineers analyzes and designs solutions that minimize costs, while meeting or exceeding the level of customer service your customers expect. From transportation to warehouse design, OHL will create a solution with efficiencies that improve business processes and operations.


We use state of the art technology in all of our logistics hubs to make sure you have the most efficient process possible. We have a team dedicated solely to continuous improvement practices to make sure that you are receiving the highest return on investment. Our teams share best practices within our network to create the best solution for your unique business needs.

Let us utilize our logistics hubs to move your product more efficiently.

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